Casual Outfit: Floral & Pink

April 2, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

I’m actually not wearing pajamas all day so I wanted to share my casual outfit. You see how I’m posing? Awkward much?  YES! It’s cause I don’t know how to pose for outfit pics, lol! It’s been years since I’ve blogged an outfit!  This blog is definitely NOT a fashion blog.  I know pajama fashion and that’s all, lol!  Personally when I shop for clothes I look for comfort, affordability and things I don’t mind staining  since Liam’s meal time can get messy, lol!

I call this my “mommy outfit” cause it’s loose fitting, comfy and casual — almost as comfy as pajamas!  I was going to wait to share outfit pics when I saw results from my 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts, but seriously ain’t nobody got time to wait, right?  I gotta just do it!  God made our bodies in all shapes and sizes and this is me, 11 month postpartum me who just finally started working out last month, lol! I can’t even begin to tell you all the excuses I had to NOT  exercise but at the end of the day I just needed to find inspiration and motivate myself.  Being healthy for my family and fitting into some pre-pregnancy clothes I refuse to giveaway to Goodwill/ThredUp/SalvationArmy is what motivated me!  My friend Kiara’s before and after pics also motivates me!

ootd aprilathena7 pink and floral002

This dainty rose quartz necklace is special to me because it was a Christmas gift from Justin and Liam.

ootd aprilathena7 pink and floral001

ootd aprilathena7 pink and floral008

ootd aprilathena7 pink and floral053

ootd aprilathena7 pink and floral030

These baby pink  mid-rise cropped jean leggings by Mossimo are a comfortable and affordable find at Target.  I love the length too!  I’m 5’1″ and these hit right at the ankles.

ootd aprilathena7 pink and floral009

These sandals are another Target find by Sam & Libby.

ootd aprilathena7 pink and floral022

Outfit details:

Top: Forever 21 (Out of stock)

Pants: Target

Shoes: Sam & Libby at Target

Necklace: Gift from Justin & Liam (Etsy)

Bracelets: Pura Vida Light Shine

Nail polish: Hot Pink

 Tweet me pics of your outfit of the day and I will re-edit this post and feature you! 😀

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Sending you so much love!

Your friend,



Holiday 2014 Family Photo Shoot!

April 1, 2015

Justin, Liam and I took these holiday family pictures back in December 2014 and I’ve been meaning to share them with you friends!

Here they are!  Picture overload in 3, 2, 1… enjoy!

Vlog of family photoshoot can be found here.

apriljustintv holiday photoshoot009

apriljustintv holiday photoshoot025 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot026apriljustintv holiday photoshoot024 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot023 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot022 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot021 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot020 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot019 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot018 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot017 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot016 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot015 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot014 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot013 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot012 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot011 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot010 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot009 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot008 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot007 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot006 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot005 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot004 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot003 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot002 apriljustintv holiday photoshoot001

It was my first holiday season as a mother and I can’t even begin to describe the amount of love Justin and I both have for our little Liam!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog!


Balayage Ombre

March 26, 2015

Hey friends! Welcome to my new blog.  I’m so excited to start blogging again!

I’m going to share anything and everything on this blog from food, beauty reviews, swatches, outfits, mommy topics, do it yourself, lifestyle, baby updates and more!

balayageombre001 For Spring I decided to change it up and try balayage ombre.  So many of you friends asked for pictures so here they are!

balayageombre002I made sure to take pictures straight and wavy like many of you friends requested.



balayageombre004This is typically my go to hair style simply because it’s low key and doesn’t require much time and effort.

I use a 3/4 inch Instyler to slightly curl in my layers.

balayageombre005 For the waves I used my Nume Lustrum kit.

balayageombre006 Here’s a video tutorial on my three go to hairstyles.

 Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog!